TERRORISM USING CARS - Terrorists have found that they get a bigger explosion if they hide a huge amount of explosive in a car than if they strap it to a suicide bomber. Anti Jihadist measures have included banning the drape-like hijab that the more orthodox Muslim women wear and forcing more form fitting clothing to prevent bombs and weapons being concealed; this is sensible but only after cars, with their much larger concealed spaces, have been banned from the area or searched. In the west a forgotten suitcase can cause a police alert, but a row of parked cars raises no suspicion; looking suspiciously into a car is more likely to get one arrested than the car searched. One can appropriate and conceal the content of a huge amount of public space with a parked car, this projection of private property onto public space is something the car culture protects because the car is the vanguard of privatisation and this aggressive expropriation is used as a bulwark to extend privatized power; but it is also a path for terrorism.

TERRORISM PROMOTING CARS - Attacks on aircraft in the 1970's yielded the PLO some political success because aircraft were largely the habitua of the wealthy and influential; but planes then became a hard target and most modern terrorists favourite target is now public transport and the political impact has declined because the rich and influential in the West use cars. The Arabian oil origin of many of the Jihadists probably means that their own intimate experience inclines them to more readily dehumanise public transport users than car drivers, to the point where they are actively working to promote car culture by making public transport dangerous; but I don't totally disregard that elements of this may be a conscious campaign, it's consistent with GM President Sloan's initiative(note 1) of selling cars by destroying public transport. The small vehicle transit system advocated on this site is less vulnerable to this form of terrorism than the massive vehicle transit systems now deployed.

CAR SYSTEM VULNERABILITY TO TERRORISM - In rational military terms one tries to destroy one's enemy's transport system; no terrorist bombing campaign has yet been this rational for against western culture this would mean blowing up petrol stations and petrol tankers. If any terrorism emerges without links to the oil industry and adopts a rational military strategy, the car culture will be far from a source of security, it is militarily the weakest point of the whole western lifestyle. The car means a transport infrastructure based on distributed highly explosive and flammable fuel and offers a series of ready made bombs and fires to a terrorist using concealed charges, just as the 9-11 terrorists used the aircraft's fueltanks as their ordnance to bring down the World Trade Centre in 2001. Electric vehicles would remove this volatility but changing over to either of the main candidates to replace petrol, LPG or later hydrogen, just increases the systems vulnerability to sabotage. The public transport system advocated here is less vulnerable than the car system to being disrupted by terrorism or being used for terrorist purposes because it's fuel needs can be more readily controlled and legitimate vehicles identified.

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